Mount Olivet Cemetery is a historical, non-denominational, pre-Civil War cemetery in Hanover, PA. The cemetery, located at 725 Baltimore Street is operated by the Mount Olivet Cemetery Association. Our volunteer group, The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery, provide support to the cemetery staff and local organizations when the cemetery host events.


Founded in 1859 as a non-profit, non-sectarian community cemetery governed by a Board of Managers who are elected each year and serve without remuneration. Management of cemetery grounds is by a Cemetery Manager, appointed by the Board of Managers, this manager is authorized to enforce all of the Cemetery's rules and regulations.

Notable Burials

A few of our most notable residents buried in the cemetery are:

Joseph S Gitt (1815-1901) Civil Engineer and Railroad surveyor

Col. Richard McAllister (1725-1795), Founder of Hanover, Revolutionary War Veteran

Maj. William S. Diller (1842-1896), Civil War Veteran with Company D, 76th Regiment

Mary Shaw Leader (1835-1913), Female journalist reported on President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

John Luther Long (1855-1927), Distinguished lawyer, playwright, novelist; creator of the short story that was inspiration for 'Madame Butterfly.

Col. Henry Slagle (1735-1811), Ardent patriot, faithful officer during the Revolutionary War, and upright citizen of Hanover

John and William Hoffacker, John was the first local soldier to die on the first day of the Battle of Hanover, and brother William died later resulting from injuries obtained from the Civil War

Andrew R. Brodbeck (1860-1937), Politician, churchman, and businessman who served as U. S. Congressman between 1912-1914 and 1916-1918

Lucy Forney-Bittinger (1859-1955),' Deaconess of Presbyterian Church, missionary, donor of the Forney-Bittinger Chapel at Mount Olivet Cemetery